Hello friends. Technology has been changing so fast from last 10 to 12 years and it will goes on changing faster in coming future too. Everything in our day to day life is replacing by some machines or gadgets. They are becoming part of our lifestyle.  
      So, what kind of changes in human being life will take place or which things are going to change in near future? Lets see

1) Smartphones

     Yes, Smartphones! Smartphone market has grown too much fast since past some years because of people are attracting towards it and they are making it as part of life. Almost no one lives without phone (I mean smartphone) in this era. But this is not threshold of change yet lot of innovations to come regarding this.
    We are using a smartphone with a single screen but in future smartphones will come with dual screen. You can use front side also back side of your smartphone as screen. Accesing and operating will become easy due to this. Because in future smartphones will be no longer as a just phone.
  Security and privacy of smartphone will be the prime concern in future, so fingerprint scanner, face recognition scammer will be lot of improved. In future fingerprint scanner will be placed inside screen so whole screen will become FP scanner. Also IRIS scanner and face scanners also will be improved. So, our smartphones will be more secure in future.
   Artificial intelligence will be used in big manner as they will be more improved to communicate with humans. So, smartphones will be communicating with humans with more ease. Google Now, Apple SIRI, Microsoft's Cortana are some example of AI. They will be much improved in future and will make user experience much better

2) Electric and Smart cars

    As we all know petrol and diesel are not available in sufficient amount means sources will be ended in future so, how cars will run?   
     Most of the cars in future will run on electric charging, means cars will use electric charging as fuel. As we see today fuel stations they will be replaced with smart electric charging stations which will be powered by solar energy, so cars will be charged their. Also, lots of vehicles use solar charging roofs so, vehicles get charged itself. 
Tesla Electric Smart Car Launching image
Tesla Electric Smart Car launching
   In future, human driver will be replaced with auto driving. No human will be needed to drive car. Just select a place on GPS where you want to go car will drive itself to there. It will be safer than situations we have today. Also cars will communicate with signal systems and with other cars so choosing path with low traffic will be easy. It will not take that much of long actually because already smart cars are running on roads in countries like US, UK and China. Auto driven cars are banned in India due to Safety reasons but we will also have that scenario soon.
  Companies like Tesla, Honda and Mercedes are invested billions of money in R&D of the Electric Smart cars. Even Tesla has started selling Electric smart cars which has self driving mode.

3) Energy Sector

    As population of world is increasing so fast, the demanding of energy will be also so high. We simply cannot rely on Hydroelectric powerpalnts or Thermal powerplants as theses creates pollution and in future pollution is biggest problem (Not for you, Mr.Trump). So, what kind of changes will takes place in this sector?

    More focus will be on the Solar energy. Research on solar energy is on peak nowadays , impact of this we will see in near future. Solar energy will become cheap so it will become main source of energy. Most of countries have around 6 to 7 months of sunny days which will create more amount of energy.

wind energy image
Wind Energy

   Along with solar energy, wind energy and tidal energy will be also become major source of energy. However these technologies are expensive so these will remain secondary source of energy. Also some more sources are also be introduced in future. Due to this demanding of energy will not become problem in future.

4) Artificial Intelligence

AI inficative image
    Artificial intelligence will be biggest change which will change lifestyle of human. Artificial intelligence is a intelligence exhibited by machines. This is more helpful in solving complex mathematical problems. In drones and self driving cars AI will play a major role. In future automotive things will depend on AI.

    In future our lot of devices will come with AI by which our work becomes simple. Nowadays Google, Amazon, Facebook( They stopped their project recently because system created their own language that human cannot understand) and Apple are working on it. Google home, Amazon Echo, Apple Siri are some products which totally works on AI.
 Now, when it comes to some big industries like Automobile industries or some Assembly industry this will increase speed of production. As  no human is needed their so lot of people will lose their job!
   Sometime I thought a day will come when AI and Robots will rule the world and humans will become helpless.

5) Drones

    Drones will become part of human lifestyle in future. We can see lot of people will have their own drones for differen reasons.
Drone Image

     In these days drones are mainly used for cinematography, photography and other stuffs but drones can do much more than this. Amazon successfully used drone for their product delivery in US. Amazon named it Amazon Prime Air. Google is also working on same type of drone under 'Project Wing'. In future this will become common. Drones can move faster so deliveries of product will also become faster.

Amazon Prime Air image
Amazon Prime Air
    Facebook and Google testing drones for internet connectivity. They want to use drones in remote areas where internet is not available due to lack of connectivity. In future drones will be used in remote areas to give internet connectivity.
   Drones will play major part in terretorial security. Many countries are spending amount of money for long range drones for their millitary. So, it will play some roll in security sector also.

6) Smart Houses

       Smart house or home automation mainly deal with automation of lightning, ventilation, heating, cooling and security. Also home appliances like washing machine, dish washers, refrigerators will be part of it.
       All appliances will be connected to WiFi and internet (System called as Internet of Things). To have control over them internet will act as medium. You can control your home cameras, room temperature, washing machine timer, water heater temperature from anywhere. 
      Home automation will make our home safer. We dont need to carry keys to everywhere as may have chances to lose them rather than this our smartphones will become our keys. Also in door cameras will take security level up.

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