• What is custom ROM?

A custom ROM refers to the phones firmware based on Android. In simple word it is modified version of stock ROM. 
Since, Android is open source any developer can edit, modify code and compile his ROM. Anyone can add his own features in it. Most of the time custom ROM is more cleaner than stock ROM as they come with least inbuilt apps which make convenient to use.
Custom ROM
Custom ROM

  • Reason to use custom ROM:-

Many time people think that using custom ROM is illegal or wrong thing but it is not. A custom ROM just voids your warranty but it does not affect your mobile if you know how to install it or if you learn how to install it. If your ROM is stable then you can enjoy the customization, the only problem occurs when ROM is in beta stage and unofficial stage. 

1) Clean and simple UI:-

As I said earlier most of the time custom ROM are cleaner version of stock rom this makes it light, clean and bloatfree. Many times phones comes with inbuilt unnecessary apps that we dont use and that consumes some amount of battery and RAM in background process but custom ROMs are designed to avoid it. It comes with those app which are useful.

2) Customization:-

Customization is what a custom ROM is famous for. It is a main feature for what people use custom ROM. You can customize your phone as per use and need. You can customize phone UI as per your need. You can change icons of navigation bars, header icons and lot more. You can customize status bar as your need. You get tons of options for changing system overlays.

3) Battery and performance:-

Custom ROMs are designed for good battery backup and good performance. Mobiles are preclocked at optimal speed. If you want to play graphical intended games then you can overclock the processor and increase the speed but at the same time it consumes lot of battery and also heats up a lot. At the other hand if you dont use mobile for games and other heavy works then you can underclock the processor so battery will be consumed less and by this way you can increase your battery backup.

4) Support and Updates:-

Another best thing about custom ROM is you get updates frequently even in some case everyday which is called Nightlies. You will get latest updates frequently which ensures the performance. So, even if your mobile company has stopped support for your mobile you can update your mobile by means of custom ROM. Also if you have any problem then you can ask to maintainer or developer in various forums. 

  • Things to know before flashing custom ROM 

After reading all things if you decided to flash the custom ROM, then some other important things also you must know. 
  • Before flashing a ROM you mobiles bootloader should be unlocked. Mobiles comes with locked bootloaders. Unlocking the bootloader is primary and main step to do before flashing a ROM. This is to be done only once not the every time.
  • Then next important thing is to install custom recovery image. Custom recovery image will replace your inbuilt stock recovery. Custom recovery are easy to use. TWRP and CWM are two best custom recoveries. And then you can simply flash the new ROM after wiping the cache and data.
  • Though flashing a ROM seems easy, if you made a simple mistake then it will lead to bootloop or soft brick or hard brick. Bootloop is a condition where you device will restart again and again but it will not start it can be stopped by reinstalling ROM. Soft brick is the stage where your device will just show your mobile logo but it will not start and this can be handled by installing stock recovery and stock ROM. If you hard bricked your device then you have very less chance to start that device again. But in my experience if you once do first two steps correctly then you will not find any trouble for flashing the ROM rather I can say you will enjoy doing this.

  • Is custom ROM available for all devices?

Availability of custom ROM depends on many things like phone company, device popularity, device processor , etc. If you are using a device which is very popular then you will find lot of custom ROMs. If you are using old and low specification device then you will not find any ROM. The main thing in this is development. If any developer buys a device surely he will build for it and many developer opt for good devices.

  • Where to find custom ROM?

The best site for custom ROM is xda-developers.com. You will find not only custom ROM but also if you have any doubt about it, you can ask there. You will also find lot of posts related to new feature and changelog there.

  • Which are best custom ROMs?

1) Lineage OS ( Formerly known as Cyanogen OS)
2) Ressurection Remix                               
3) Paranoid Android                           
4) BlissPop ROM
5) Dirty Unicorn
7) XenonHD ROM
9) CrDroid ROM

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