• What is Internet of Thing (IoT)?

IoT means interconnection between two physical devices... It may be via internet, bluetooth, wifi, ethernet or zigbee. Iot (Internet of Thing) is basically is an advanced automation technology which is system of interconnected sensors, networking devices, artificial intelligence and cloud computing. These systems are connected to each other to communicate and all systems are connected to internet so what it is called as Internet of Thing. In simple language IoT is network of networks.
These systems allow greater transparency, control and performance when it comes to industrial application.
Internet of Thing

  • How IoT works?

There is no definite way to tell that how actually IoT works. The main constituents of IoT are various sensors, networking devices and cloud computing and obviously these are connected to internet. These all systems are connected to each other and make their own system. They communicate with each other and take better decision. For better illustration let’s see one example:-
Let’s consider a city having a system of smart CCTV cameras, smart signal system which are connected to central cloud computing devices. Now, let’s consider a situation where an accident happens. When an accident takes place a CCTV camera will detect that so it will send message to central data base and that will communicate to signal system so, by this traffic can be controlled. Also that car will automatically send message to nearest hospital for help.
This is just small example how IoT do his role. This can be applied in big manner to make systems smarter, faster and transparent. 
System of IoT
System of IoT

  • Future developments-

IoT is in a developing stage as of now because it needs advancement in all aspect. So there is big space for advanced developments in future. As in future all things will connected to smart central systems so IoT will be more developed in future. IoT will play a big role in making of Smart City, Atomized industries, Smart Houses, Smart cars and list goes on. Till now what we know about IoT or what we are developing it is just 1%-2% of what IoT can do. It will play a big role making human life smarter (and lazy). So, IoT has big future to come and it has more space for development.
For developing it the efforts will require to buisness, governments, standerd organisation, and acadimies to come and work together towards common goal. 

  •    Advantages of IoT

1)    Improved customer service:-
When IoT comes in use of industries it will be beneficial. Nowadays if some error or problem occurs then customer doesn’t actually know about actual problem. If we connect devices to IoT then customer and dealer comes to know what exactly problem is and then problem can be solved in less time. For example, If a car stopped working then car owner might don’t have idea what problem is but if car has some sensors in it then it will sends data to service station with accurate problem then maintainers can troubleshoot in no time.
2)    Improved technology optimization:-
Every technology changes day by day but due to IoT it can be easy to collect data from devices to make that device better and better. As from above cars example, if some sensors are not working as expectations can be improved by data collection and analytics. So, by this every technology can be monitored and improved.
3)    Enhanced data collection:-
For analysis of market improvements or improving quality, data collection is much needed thing and it is quite complicated these days. In IoT devises are connected to networks which make data collection easier. IoT collects data on real time basis which can be used fro analysis of market. It will not only collect data but also will process on it. It will save time.
4)    Smart communication:-
As main fundamental of IoT is communication between various systems so communication will become smarter. Due to smart communication user can be notified automatically when disasters, accidents or anything else happens.
5)    Time and wastage saving:-
Being a connected automated system IoT can save time in many case as the decision is taken automated and precise. As IoT collects data on real time basis the precision is high so it can reduce the wastage and also can save money.

  • Limitations:-

1) Security:
         First concern is about security. As IoT constantly communicates to devices using various networks it can create a security concern as it can make user details exposed and that can be used by attackers.
2)  Privacy:
    Second major concern is about privacy. In this system all devices are connected to each other so there is chance of device can share data without taking user permission. IoT runs on details so data is needed on real time basis and it can void user privacy.
3) Complexity:
    As IoT is in just developing stage it is so complex and difficult to implement. IoT systems are complicated in terms of design, deployment and maintenance as multiple technologies are involved in it.

  •     Where it can be used?

It has various application across all industries and markets. It has wide application range like, one can use it to reduce energy consumption in home, one can use this to make production streamlined in industry, etc.
Let’s look at some examples
1) Example of IoT in automobile application:   
      If a car having a problem in brake line up then that message automatically goes to nearest service station and also main station so it can be checked that some other car are also facing the same problem. If many car facing same problem then it can be checked whether cars having problem of same manufacturing unit or same brake lineup provider. This is how IoT can help to automobile industry.
2)  Example of IoT in making smart cities:      
      If some building catches fire then alert can be sent to nearest Fire Extinguisher department and also alert can be sent to signal which will divert the traffic. In this manner IoT is useful in making city safer and smarter.
3) Example of IoT in making smart offices:       
     If you went to office your face will be detected by the cameras which will mark your presence in office also it will communicate with your work station PC to boot up and open important emails. Also lights will automatically get start as your convenience set by you. All these things can be controlled by you also.

  •      Summary:-

The internet of thing provides a great environment to improve human day to day life and productivity. The IoT has potentials to improve common services of transportation, logistics, security, education, healthcare and other areas.
United efforts are required to improve these primary stages of IoT, understandings of environment to take it to the advanced level. IoT can create new opportunities to make human life, businesses and controlling easier. 


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