'Customization' is the best part of Android phone (so for IPhone users this blog might not be useful). From changing an icon pack to changing a ROM all you can do with your android phone.
Setting a custom homescreen is new trend in Android. Its a simple task in which you have to change look of your homescreen using different wallpaper, icon packs, custom widgets.So, lets start..

There are certain apps you might need before do customization :
1) A good launcher ( Nova launcher, Action launcher, etc);
2) A custom Widget APP (KWGT, KLWP, ZOOPER, etc);
3) A Icon pack (Pixel, Polycon, Lines, Whicon);
4) Set of wallpapers (wallpapers are available in icon pack);

Now lets go step by step
step 1)
 In the first step apply your launcher that you have downloaded. Select a launcher that offers you a good customization like custom wallpaper, dock size, grid size, custom icon pack option. My suggetion is to go with Nova launcher or Action launcher, these are best and most used launchers for customization. After applying launcher now remove all the icons and widgets those are on homescreen it means clear your homescreen.

Step 2)
  Setting up a wallpaper is an essential step because it actually reflects the homescreen background. There are many dedicated apps are available on play store like Wallzy, Backdrops, etc. But most of the icon packs comes with wallpapers so you don't have to download it separately. Now apply the wallpaper that suits well to your homescreen and icon pack.

Step 3)
 Now download any custom widget making app. Best custom widget making apps are KWGT, KLWP, Zooper, etc. Im using a zooper widget pro but you can use any other app too. Now download their compatible custom widgets from play store. You can download according to your desired homescreen setup. But its good to have minimal setup. It looks good.

Step 4)
 After setting an widget now its time to setup an Icon pack. Mostly Icon packs are applied which are suitable to your wallpaper. So choose a good icon pack which suits good to your wallpaper. For ex, If you have set a dark wallpapers then Whicon or Lines icon packs are most suitable. If you have set a simple or stock wallpapers then Pixel or Polycon Icon packs are suitable.
  Like this you have to choose an icon pack that suits good to your wallpaper.

Thats it! But this is just a basic if you want advanced custom homescreen then you may try KLWP app which allows you to set a live wallpaper like homescreen.
Also dont forget to share you homescreen setup with me in comment section below.
(P.S-Apps that mentioned above are paid but Im providing the links of those apps (cracked) in comment section below you can download from there.)

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