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In the recent report of Edison's Infinte Dial Report 2019 shocking truth revealed about Facebook. The most famous social media saw a decline in usage, from 67 percent of Americans ages 12 and older to 61 percent of that same audience. Even if it feels shocking it was normal for me at least as I stopped using it long back ago. But why? What made us to forget about Facebook?

Facebook Usage Decline report as per Infinite Dial 2019
Facebook Usage Decline per Infinite Dial 2019

1. Trend:
Facebook became famous because of its uniqueness at that time, it was medium to connect with our people, friends, share our thoughts, moments with the world. But as days passed new competitors entered in the market which started making Facebook uncomfortable. Now trend started changing from sharing thoughts to sharing pictures, from using heavy data sucking app to lite app which does same work.

2. Authenticity:
Facebook was the home for most of the fake news. Facebook initially denied such news but after realizing that its becoming toxic they started controlling it by giving ads in newspaper TV ads but that's what people started taking doubt on Facebook. Facebook becoming reason for riots, toxicity and many more wring happenings. There were no way to stop this which actually disgraced the face of Facebook.

3. Privacy :
Privacy is what people care about most but Facebook was exception for it. In 2018 there was shocking revelation came out about Facebook. British data firm Cambridge Analytica improperly breached 87 millions Facebook users data. It raised many questions on Facebook privacy policy and also from this moment Facebook started loosing its shine.

4. Competitors :

As I mentioned above while Facebook came in the light there were negligible competitors which already struggling in the market. Facebook came out as a better option for people who wanted to be social. Facebook became face of social media it was time when people started becoming Facebook addict. But parallely some new social media sites started rising like Twitter, Instagram and Google Plus (RIP G+). People now wanted to try something new and finally people started moving to new social media sites. Thing here which we should not forget, later days Facebook owned Whatsapp and Instagram to stay in the race.

So these are the main reasons why Facebook going out of the race. While we saying Facebook its social media site as Facebook bought many reputed social media site and evolved as company. So, even if Facebook going down as a social media site but they are still leading the race as a company. I hope you liked this blog, comment below what are your thoughts on this?

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